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Touring Caravan
Cushion Upholstery & Furnishings

BEFORE: As bought, this Touring Caravan was looking tired and dated AFTER: Transformed into a fresh, contemporary
and inviting interior

If you own a touring caravan and you're thinking of re-vamping the interior, protecting the furnishings in a newer 'van, or perhaps improve your comfort when sleeping, then we can certainly help!

Proudly made-to-measure in BristolOur caravan furnishing orders tend to be made from start to finish by one member of staff, as we find this gives them an interest in seeing the finished product as well as engendering a real sense of pride in the job.

"Many thanks for the lovely job you recently did on my caravan seating. I've attached a photo (above) which you might like to see. Thanks again."
J. Douglas
"Here is a picture from what you have made for us in Juli. We are very content."
Jan Vijn
Valkenswaard, The Netherlands
Krystyna happy at her sewing machine,
possibly because it was her Birthday!
June carefully checking her work before despatch
to the customer. Click image for larger view
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Touring Caravan Cushion Recovering

There are two different ways in which we can recover your touring caravan cushions, both with completely different pricing.


We have 500+ permanent upholstery fabrics to choose from, all non-clearance and sourced from established, reputable mills.

100s of fabrics to browse and choose from. Fabric samples available on request Cushion and Valance Boards Re-upholstered in one of our modern abstract fabrics

We’ll gladly send samples of any fabrics that ‘take your fancy’, or of course you can visit our showroom to see the full range and in original pattern books. Click here to see our online Fabric Selector.

We strip off the original fabric on your cushions and add new DACRON WADDING AND STOCKINETTE undercovers as necessary to your original foam cushion inners.

Our machinists will then plan and hand cut your chosen fabric to the shape and sizes required for all your cushions.

They will permanently upholster your cushions and use a good quality Cotton Twill as the lining fabric underneath, rather than the often found cheaper man-made fabrics.

"Please find photos of our caravan seats which you have recently refurbished. We our very pleased with the result."
Laurie Parsons

We purposely fit a zip in the upholstery covering as this will make it easier for you to access the foam inner if you needed to, in years to come.

We would normally then button your cushions, which is all included in the price.

Brand new Touring Caravan Cushions…
Of course as well as re-covering existing cushions we can also create brand new cushions using new High Density Foam, for details of this option click here.


This option is popular with touring caravan owners looking to protect their caravan upholstery from children, dogs or very often both! Alternatively it also provides a way of rejuvenating a tired touring caravan interior at a considerably lower cost than our 1st option, Permanent Upholstery above.

We have 40+ Removable Washable Seat Cover fabrics that are all 100% Polyester, so this makes them extremely hard wearing. The ‘record’ for how long they last is currently a customer who had her covers made 13 years ago!.

Being Polyester, they don’t ‘ladder’ like the old nylon covers that you may remember from years ago. Our Removable Washable Covers as the name suggests, are fully machine washable and can be tumble dried.

Brand new cushions needing to be protected
from the customer's children and dogs!
The same cushions after we've fitted our
Removable Washable Seat Covers

Our covers are made-to-measure to fit all over your existing cushions, front and back, and have a elasticated taped opening out of sight to make them easily removable for washing.

If you wish, we or you can button our Removable Washable Cushion Covers with our Removable buttons, thus giving the ‘finishing touch’ but still allowing the covers to be removable when required.

New Foam Cushions and Cushion Refilling

If you are not happy with the comfort of your existing cushions, as well as their appearance, we can make you brand new cushions, using High Density Foam.

Foam options

Our foam starts life in huge blocks so we can cut foam to any shape you require. We also have various finishing options that you may wish to consider. These include ‘bullnosed’, ‘rolled front’ and ‘keyhole profile’ foam cushions (as shown below). All of these options can dramatically alter the finished appearance of your touring caravan cushions. We will be glad to give friendly 'no pressure' advice on any of these aspects .


A Stockinette cover helps protect the underside of your outer fabric from the top surface of the foam, while Polyester Wrapping gives a softer, less ‘angular’ look to new foam cushions and is essential if we are then covering your new foam with our Permanent Upholstery.


Our refilling service has helped countless customers whose touring caravan cushions have lost their support but where the fabric is still in good condition and does not need changing. If your cushions are not zipped, we will unpick your cushions, professionally refill them with your chosen foam, re-sew them with a good quality replacement lining and finally refit your buttons. The total cost simply consists of a refilling labour charge and the price of your new foam.

Nationwide Cushion Collection Service
If you are unable to visit us then we can collect your cushions using our Nationwide Cushion Collection Service. Click here for details.

Once refilled your cushions are despatched back to you by carrier, fully transformed and ready for use. Contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

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We have also refilled hundreds of domestic furniture cushions for our customers, who have found renewed comfort without buying a new suite. Conversions from ‘feather or fibre to foam’ are also an increasingly popular part of this work, due to the lack of support provided by original fibre or feather cushions. Please contact us for details.

Interior Sprung Caravan Cushions

We purposely DON’T offer interior springing as a form of caravan cushion filling. This is because of the numerous occasions customers have brought us interior sprung cushions that have ‘collapsed’, sometimes only 18 months after buying a brand new caravan! We have successfully refilled these cushions with our CBSCC high density foams, with much praise from the customers involved.

Our Foam Grades (All Fire Retardant)

We pride ourselves on supplying exactly the right foam to suit each customer’s individual requirements. Cheap, poor quality foam is available anywhere, but if you want your new foam caravan cushions and mattresses to give long-term comfort and durability, then we can help!

Please phone or contact us and we will be happy to give friendly expert advice on which foams will suit you best and offer you a no obligation quotation.


This is by far our best selling foam. It is high density and is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of all the foams we offer. It has a long life expectancy and a seven year guarantee. It is suitable for both sitting and sleeping and was one of the first specifically developed to help minimise the effects of moisture, so ideal for use in a touring caravan. Most of our customers choose the ‘firm’ version of this foam, although if used 5” or 6” thick the Supreme grade ‘medium’ will give a luxurious but still supportive cushion or mattress.


This is an excellent high density foam that gives good comfort and durability without going to the slightly higher cost of our ‘Supreme’ grade. It has a five year guarantee and is available in both ‘firm’ and ‘medium’ versions.


A very economical foam grade that is ideal for padding, armrests, headboards etc.


Our ‘Memory’ foam is not generally used for seating, however, we can make mattresses using a layer of memory foam. Please contact us for details. We offer memory foam overlays / toppers, please click here to go to our dedicated page.

Foam Mattresses

We make made-to-measure mattresses for touring caravans. They can all be made in any of our foam grades and can be shaped if required. We will gladly advise you on the appropriate thickness of any mattress you require and the ways in which it can be covered. As well as supplying mattresses made from a single type of foam, we also offer ‘combination’ mattresses made from different firmness foams bonded together. Two popular ‘combinations’ are shown below:

3" MEDIUM & 3" FIRM sandwich mattress 1" MEDIUM & 4" FIRM sandwich mattress

We can make your mattress any thickness you wish.

Curved, angled and chamfered foam mattresses are not a problem for us! Please contact us for advice and a no-obligation quotation.

Popular Touring Caravan Mattress Sizes
You can find more information, as well as prices for some of our more popular mattress sizes, by visiting the mattress section on this site.

Touring Caravan Cushion Relining

If the original lining on your touring caravan cushions has worn, torn or become baggy then we can help! We are able to carefully replace your linings with a modern, good quality and hard wearing fabric, complete with a zip. Please contact us for further details and prices.

Caravan Curtains & Scatter Cushions

We’ve been making made-to-measure touring caravan curtains for the last 24 years! Over these years we reckon we’ve been asked to make just about every weird and wonderful shape and size curtains you could imagine!

Curtain Fabrics

We offer a wide range of curtain fabrics, all chosen for their quality and ability to be machine washed. Our 100% polyester ‘Venus Contrast’ curtain fabrics are also ‘Black Out’, so they don’t let the light in, and also very mould and mildew resistant. We have plain curtain fabrics, jacquards, faux silks, embossed etc.etc.

Please click here to visit our Curtain Fabrics Ranges image gallery.

Curtain Prices

To obtain a free no obligation Quotation for what curtains you may require, please click here.

Curtain Headings

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view
TUNNEL Heading.
Click image for larger view

As regards headings, we are able to make your new curtains using traditional ‘rufflette’ type curtain tape or, if required, the ‘plastic popper’ tape found in many caravans, especially on the front sloping window. If required we can also make ‘eyelet’ curtains in any of our fabrics.

Curtain Linings

We’ll of course happily make your new curtains either lined or unlined. Assuming you’d like them lined, we would normally use our standard Polycotton ivory coloured lining. However if you would prefer a 100% Polyester lining (more mould resistant), or a ‘blackout’ lining, then we’ll be happy to oblige!

Curtain Tie-Backs

If you’d like matching tie-backs then these can be made in any of our fabrics and are usually fastened with press studs. If you would prefer ‘hook & loop tape’ or rings then that’s no problem.

Curtain Pelmets

If your touring caravan has existing pelmets then of course these can be changed when we make your curtains. If they are ‘board’ pelmets at present then we can strip off the old fabric and recover them in the fabric of your choice.

Alternatively, we can make simple ‘gathered’ pelmets that fit with ‘hook & loop tape’ over your existing boards.

Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions can be made in ANY of our fabrics, from either our Curtain Fabric or Upholstery fabric selection. We can of course make them any size you wish and we can happily supply just the covers or the hollowfibre inner as well.


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